Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hogganort

Andrew D Atkin

Disclaimer: Richard Atkin in no way associates himself with my (Andrew Atkin) political views, as presented on this blog.

Okay, this is "The Hogganort" - that is, the musical base to a developing production. Unfortunately Richard (my brother) only wants to provide the final part of the music base free-to-view on You-tube. I am in the process of (trying to) convince him to put the other parts on it to.

The Hogganort is intended to expand out into a children's story (target group ~7-14 years), but should be entertaining for adults as well. We're looking at developing a video along with other associated material, to be marketed in time.

My own claim to fame is that I did the [pompous and sexually ambiguous] narration, and performed some of the drum samples, along with ongoing general input. However, thus far it is overwhelmingly Richard's production. Oh - and Richard did the melodramatic singing about a third way through the included part, and is responsible for all artwork.

Hope you find some interest. I wish to add to this post as time goes by.

The complete soundtrack can be purchased via the following link:

Update: 18 July, 2010

The following is a screenshot of me posing as the narrator of The Hogganort. This is all for the theatrical music video, currently in production.

As you can see, Richard has more power to convince me to do things than the other way around.
Though I will admit posing like that was my idea to begin with.

Anyway, this part of the production worked out really well. The background is a quick mock-up (the final will not have that background) for the sake of show-and-tell. And don't mind the blue-screen edge - it hasn't been processed yet.

The final will end up being even more 'pervy' than what you can see now. The kids will just have to get used to it (smile!).


Update: 3 September, 2010

And another disgusting photo that's too amusing not to share:

...And for the record, no, I am not gay.

Update: 19 April, 2014

....still waiting for Richard to finish the other parts. But so far so good...and incredibly revolting (how I like it).

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