Saturday, July 15, 2017

Golriz Ghahraman V Andrew Atkin: Part 2.

Andrew Atkin:

Part 1. Here.

Yes it's true. Golriz Ghahraman is still deeply in love with me. She hit back at me with a screenshot (my trick!) of the ghastly Andrew Atkin, on her twitter feed.

However! She edited out the bottom part of what I wrote, which kind of frames a different picture. The screenshot below gives the complete picture. She also edited out my identity (you don't need to do that, Golriz. You can make me famous all you want).

It demonstrated my matter-of-fact relationship to the whole thing. I was hardly accusing her of being some kind of Muslim Brotherhood agent, as such, and stated that I doubted that was who she was. I also stated that only under certain conditions could any kind of suspicion be justified. Pretty fair? I think so.

Nonetheless, with a little editing out, she choose to use me to promote her victimhood status [Golriz, if you want to change New Zealand's laws, then you should accept that your unfortunate childhood history means and must mean nothing].

No doubt she didn't want me to see (or reply to) her post because she blocked me from her twitter feed. You will notice the above screenshot was from a Google search (that's how I know it even exists).

Golriz, if you want obnoxious people like me to go away, then all you have to do is explain how we are wrong. Hey - we might be! But until you do this, we "the people" will do our best to hold you to account for your silence. Understand than when you just smear people who have concerns as Islamophobes and bigots, as opposed to providing honest discourse, then that alone can provoke a degree of suspicion - a "what have you got to hide?" effect. It's surely better for your political future just to converse.

So where is this Andrew guy really at?...all I am trying to do is drive the real conversation. I want New Zealand to understand the facts about Islam - at its best and at its worst. I don't want immigration decisions being politicised. I don't want New Zealand making the same mistakes that we now know other European nations have made. Crying out "Islamophobia!" is not a conversation.

Bill Warner's video, from my screenshot:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Golriz Ghahraman: A reign of terror?

Well I have just been crucified by Golriz Ghahraman (all my posts deleted from her facebook page). Golriz is a prominent New Zealand Green party candidate who, I predict, will be used as the dominant commentator on Islamic immigration in New Zealand.

Not only have all my posts been deleted but she has blocked me from making any more contributions, even though I was nearly the only intelligent (and respectful) commentator interested in doing more than just praising her.

But no matter. I knew the block would happen sooner or later, anyway.

The big concern I have with Golriz is that she will, in time, very likely have a huge stage on the Islam issue in New Zealand. Yet, she is not answering the enormously important questions around the dangers of Muslim immigration.

Already, she is using blunt labels towards those who are worried about Islam at its worst. She's already come out making reference to "Islamophobia", bigotry, prejudice and racism...etc.

From what I have seen, Golriz's articles do not yet get to what's real. As I have stressed to her recently and back in time, she can call us all "Islamophobes" etc, if she can first, please, address the very legitimate and understandable concerns that the so-called Islamophobes have.

And this is what I am worried about. This soon-to-be prominent New Zealander seems to be more interested in shutting down the real discussion than confronting it - thus far, at least. This isn't good enough for a prospective politician who wants to change New Zealand's laws. In fact it can be downright dangerous.

The purpose of presenting my deleted posts, that I screenshotted, is to make my case and add some pressure to the end of having the real conversation opened up [see my video here].

You can ask yourself if my comments were of the kind that could reasonably justify deletion and blocking. Again I am worried that Golriz may simply want to shut the real conversation down.

Remember, all I am asking from the Green party is to do their job. That is, respond to the real questions and concerns, and provide some real answers - please.

--Best of luck to your political future, Golriz. I have no doubt you mean well!

Note: The screenshots are not in exact order to the time posted. Benign comments have been omitted.


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