Saturday, August 28, 2010

The science of human corruption?

Andrew D Atkin

The New Zealand government has introduced laws that strengthen the power of its police force. Maybe this needs to be done. But it is a fact, as we know, that police can at times be (and world over have been) shockingly if not brutally corrupt. The latter is a given. So what? So the best question to ask the New Zealand Prime Minister is: "What provisions have you introduced to protect the New Zealand public from the threat of a corrupt police force of which, as we know, could always develop"? A totally legitimate question in response to a demonstrably legitimate concern - right? Of course!

I find it funny how people in positions of power generally put their hands on their hearts and say: "Corrupt? Who me? Not a chance!"..and as though we are supposed to automatically believe them, and as though we are wrongfully insulting them to even express that concern or suspicion. But the fact is that we don't generally know who these people are who run so much of our lives, and of whom we depend on to do the right thing. And the fact is that corruption is a real and prevalent threat/reality within so much of our world of which can be and obviously has been so catastrophically problematic to humanity.

So what does this mean? It means that we should be as coolly objective about the 'disease' of human corruption as we are about cancer and heart disease. If it is a statistical fact that your local politician has, say, a 35% chance of being moderately or maybe even seriously corrupt, then shouldn't we be developing systems (and sciences) to accommodate for this reality? Isn't that the rational thing to do?

....You can see where I am coming from: Where are those systems? Where are the "department of human corruption studies" in our universities? Why don't we study and deal with human corruption in essentially the same way that we study and deal with cancer? Is the topic not worthy of our time? Of course it is - it is deadly important.

As a society we need to stop asking our politicians (and others) to put on a "Mr integrity" show...ahh, too cheap and pathetic. We instead need to insist on the development of the science of human corruption, and the progressive development of systems for human corruption management. Over time it could do a lot to help clean things up, and would prove to be especially important if we want to develop some kind of world government body.

I conclude that when it comes to corruption we need to stop being emotional and defeatist about it, and instead get scientific. Bitching won't solve anything much - study might!


  1. What I find curious about denial is that many people are afraid to admit corruption because they would not know what to do about it, nor would they feel very secure. So they do into denial. I refuse to see it do it does not exist. Tough obstacle to overcome.

    Further, you can get in trouble for suggesting corruption, even though it is obviously everywhere. Most people fear for their jobs and security and do not want to rock the boat. Those who do rock boats and dare to think and speak are those who feel passionate enough for truth, decency, righteousness and the like that they just can not restrain themselves to save their lives. They must speak or die inside. There are not many like this. A rare and endangered species.

    What to do? Think and spread the word about things. Knowledge is power and personal education is knowledge. We all need to be smarter and know more and then share it, like all good things. So if harm must come to us, at least we can feel good about our choices and deeds. Its called self-respect.

  2. The most insidious 'denial' for me is the one where we are expected to dismiss a so-called conspiracy theorist out of hand, as though the very idea that your (western) government is not at base your friend is ridiculous.

    The only way you can have blind faith in your government is by being deaf, dumb and blind to history, and the serious corruption in the present.

    People should be taught that it's very good practice to be extremely suspicious of your government, let alone being threatened with humiliation for just questioning its motives. Because that is what is rational. Period.

    But alas, the TV gives us the illusion that we know our government because its front men are "up close and personal" in the screen. If the TV didn't exist the common instinctive reaction to an ever more pervasive government would be... "And who exactly are these strangers to tell me how to live?".

  3. Ah, yes, the old insanity defense. We are insane to question such obvious well meaning fellas. Only that "obvious" somehow eludes me. They try to suggest we are not very smart. Some would actually accept that accusation. But I trust myself enough not to fall for that. but as Primal fans, we both know how one can be plagued with self-doubt. this is what is exploited by evil.

    Of course, the insanity plea can also be handy if things get too hot. So I just might be a mad man. It all depends ;-)

    Unfortunately, we have too many contradictions to just ignore them. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I marvel at how easy people accept many laws and infringements. But when you are used to being infringed upon by parents or siblings, and then by school, employers and the like, I guess it is easy to fall into that mode.

    but it is why I say, using our minds to think is very important. To let the primal being deep within run things is dangerous outside of Primal therapy settings.

  4. Science of corruption is in fact important as a course . People must not only taught on how not to be corrupt they need to also wish not to be corrupt. People and the value system in a giving society go a long way to determine willingness, desire and wish to sincerely break away from corruption.
    People will wish to be corrupt because of what they stand to benefit. They wish so because they have learn over time in privacy never to mind how people feel. They dont care how people feel because their dreams are not for the people but for self and only self.
    So you can see corruption is minor but what people learn ,dream , desire and wish for is very significant to what they perceive as value.
    Join me in wishing the world by typing in your google search engine " wishfortheworld justice and wishfortheworld".