Friday, December 2, 2011

Was 9-11 an inside job?

Andrew D Atkin:

Remember that tyranny is the historic norm, our species is just as insane as it ever was, and horrors on the scale of 9-11 (intelligently organised, or not) are no freak show.

So may we dare to ask the question? Was 9-11 an inside job?


The idea of 9-11 being an inside job is not something that any sane person would want to believe. The implications of such a thing--if it were in fact to be true--are difficult to say the least. You would have to re-consider/develop much of your entire world view, and it would be to a view that is far from the happy "western sunshine" model that we all want to embrace.

If you're an American in particular, then an inside job would mean not that you have a luke-warm democracy, but that you have no democracy at all; and it wouldn't just mean that your country suffers from an infestation of psychopaths, but that those psychopaths are in the drivers seat. And it would mean things like the fact that every day you send your kid away to get their schooling, you can know they'll be conforming to programmes specified by an elite that value your children about as much as you or I value livestock. Etc.

Very uncomfortable. But let's look at some 9-11 facts anyway.


There are many facts about 9-11 that justify some rational suspicion. Such as, the fact that the evidence from the collapsed towers was rapidly cleared and melted down (rather than explicitly examined), or the fact that traces of thermite (a military-only type advanced explosive) was found in the debris...and much more 'funny stuff' that I can't recall.

But these things, to me, are no smoking gun. They do not induce my serious suspicion. However, the following clip does...

The official story is that Tower-7 collapsed from a fire and also a boiler explosion in the bottom-center of the building. First respect that no steel-frame building has ever before collapsed from a fire, and Tower-7 collapsed in a manner identical to a perfect controlled demolition:

Now what are the chances of this? What are the chances of the building collapsing like a perfect controlled demolition as a result of a fire? This is like winning first-division lotto three times over, and in consecutive weeks on a single ticket. The chances are not small - they're incredible.

The idea that the exploding boiler can induce a demolition-style implosion sounds hard to believe as well. Does hot water really contain enough thermal energy to pull that off? And what are the chances of the nature (trajectory) of the explosion just so happening to facilitate the right impacts on the major support columns, for a demolition-style implosion to occur? Again the chances are just so small, if not impossible.

Even if a building of this type could collapse from a fire, then you would expect it to crumble away gradually--over hours or even days--as each of the major supporting columns (24 in this case, I think?) finally gives way.

I am not the only one who sees it this way. There is a petition somewhere out there that literally thousands of architects and engineers have signed in support of a second investigation into 9-11. I understand that they are primarily responding to the same things that I am responding to.

Even if you do not believe that 9-11 was an inside job, the Tower-7 collapse is in itself extraordinarily suspicious. I believe it's fair to say that that much is not open to interpretation.


Have you ever seen the movie, Trading Places? (I recommend it - it's entertaining). The producer of that movie is Aaron Russo. Aaron developed a close relationship with Nick Rockefeller, who is the son of David Rockefeller. According to Aaron, Nick Rockefeller gave him substantial insider information about the 9-11 event (and other), and he did so several months in advance of 9-11 actually happening.

Aaron is very interesting, and he certainly doesn't come off as psychopathic or delusional. Aaron had nothing to gain in making his assertions. He was already very successful. He was also knowingly dying of cancer at the time of this interview (now dead).

His interview as follows:

But how would it be possible to pull off?

Compartmentalisation. For example, the military makes top secret planes with only a few people understanding the final project, by compartmentalising their operations. You have one team making the wings (only) and another team making the drive-units (only), etc. Only the guys at the top 'put it all together'. Everybody else only knows what they need to know.

In the 9-11 scenario, if it is in fact an inside job, the people who made the explosives would almost certainly have had no idea what those explosives would be used for; and the people who installed them into the buildings would have been told it was just some form of high-tech fire-retardant, etc.

In a compartmentalised world, and especially one with official secrecy, nearly everyone operates on faith with respect to the ultimate objectives they're attending to. You can appreciate the latent danger of misplaced power in this context, as maybe too few people do (or can) hold the "big boys" to account.

Who believes in an inside job?

If I was earning big money in a government job, or big money on some level of the corporate private sector, I would never write a post like this one. I'm asking for trouble if for no other reason than because of the way it makes me look to my colleages, and clients. This especially applies for if I was in a government job. You get it? Inside-job is not something you're allowed to believe.

So how then do you know that only kooks ask the question and have serious suspicions? Well, all I can say is that you might be very surprised at what many highly reputable and well-educated people [privately] believe about this 9-11 thing.

As I have said before on my blog: Being embarrassed to be associated with a conspiracy is not, in itself, the right reason to dismiss it.


I know full well that government corruption goes way further than what most people assume of it, and what we call democracy is a bit of a human-management exercise joke. The 9-11 event may indicate that it goes even further and that we have the blackest of people running the show.

Maybe there is not enough evidence to be absolute with the conclusion, but there is most certainly enough evidence to be seriously suspicious. A truly honest government would accept and respect that much at least - rather than demonising the critics.

As for the engineers and architects who want a second investigation, we can know that it couldn't realistically prove anything in itself. If 9-11 were in fact an inside job, then asking for a second investigation would be like asking a corrupt judge to find himself guilty and prosecute himself. Obviously at this level of the game it's about power, not justice.


  1. Excellent question: Was 9-11 an inside job?
    It is a question most have even refused to think about. Andrew hit the nail on the head saying if 9-11 were an inside job your world view would forever be changed. Most refuse to look at evidence of a cover up for the simple fact that they refuse to believe elements in our own government would allow or even participate in the deaths of nearly 3000 people.

    I myself was one of these people for many years. I dismissed any talk of gov't conspiracy even though I knew our gov't was mostly corrupt. I refused to take any of the alternate theories seriously because, like most, believed our gov't wasn't THAT evil.

    The propaganda about the gov't story of what happened was pushed onto us all immediately. I believe on the same day or shortly after the media reported it was all Osama Bin Laden's plan. We were bombarded with images of Bin Laden and AlQueda training at desert camps and in mountains to ultimately lead this surprise attack against the US. President Bush even said "Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories about September 11th"

    So I naively believed the official story and just thought "there are sure a lot of strange things and coincidences surrounding events of 9-11"- that was until I saw a video of Building 7 imploding. That video revealed my escape from the matrix of lies.

    My world view did change- immediately. George Bush, who I voted for, had to have known something about what went on that day. I encourage anyone reading this, no matter what political party you belong to investigate these events on your own with an open mind.

    There are far too many coincendences and lies put out by the Bush Administration to get into here, but the Republicans are not the only ones to blame. Obama is still covering for the events of 9-11. If you do any research at all, you will discover not only the many lapses in security & intelligence, many strange coincidences on that day, and no question a mass cover up following the attacks.

    Back to Bush's comment about "not tolerating outrageous conspiracy theories"- I believe it's an outrageous conspiracy theory to believe these men, who had to train in deserts and caves, who according to flight instructors could barely fly small airplanes, etc could plan and execute such an attack, while there were multiple intelligence failures against the biggest super power in the world. Not to mention NIST stated all WTC buildings collapsed, not due to the damage from the planes, but b/c of offices fires. So for the first time in history you have 3 steel frame buildings collapse due to fire- nothing strange going on there!

    And for those that will continue to believe our government could never conceive of such a plan- look up Operation Northwoods- declassified I think in 2005. That should open your eyes.

    Escape The Matrix

  2. Escape': Thanks. Your post is interesting and well written.

    You know what's really concerning, to me, is the fact that there is no fundamental reason why the world can't degrade into a total North Korea - where we're all reduced to freaks who actually believe in their "emperor" and god knows what else. No one can say it can't happen because it can, does and has happened since the beginning of recorded history. We are the same species as those living in North Korea today.

    We are living in such a tiny piece of history today, with our relative prosperity and freedom, and I think people need to be careful to not let that be their exclusive perceptual window. We already know we can go to hell and far too easily. That much is no conspiracy.

  3. Quote: "I refused to take any of the alternate theories seriously because, like most, believed our gov't wasn't THAT evil."

    I would like to pick up on that: Some people can take the position that it's acceptable to sacrifice a few for the sake of the many. This is "military morality". Take a look at Vietnam for example; thousands of young men were conscripted to their deaths in the name of "the greater good".

    If 9-11 was an inside job, then was it orchestrated by this mentality? That is, "acceptable" sacrifices in the name of further developing an "all important" world government?

    I don't think you could dismiss it. After all, there are some powerful arguments in favour of the development of a world government, the best one being that our species has become so incredibly dangerous in terms of latent destructive capacity.

    But the problem with psychopaths is that they can find those kinds of rationalisations much too easy to adopt. They tend to move on expedience rather than desperation.