Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A rounded view of New Zealand's Covid Saga

6,500 people were hospitalised for the flu in New Zealand, in 2019.

Flu deaths in New Zealand are typically 500 per-year.

Why weren't we terrified? Why didn't we demand ruthless lockdowns? Why didn't we cry out for experimental mRNA technology? 

Alas, it's amazing what people might come to believe when the government becomes their one source of truth.

The following is a sequence of clear red flags:

1. After designating 100 billion dollars for an elimination strategy, the government failed to seal the borders to protect that investment. Logic dictates that the military, or equivalent, should have been hunting for potential border leaks from day one to protect the investment. None of this happened. The borders leaked.

2. After the lockdowns, the government later explained that elimination did not mean elimination, and that eradication meant elimination, and that eradication was not possible. They knew that the public did not know that elimination doesn't actually mean elimination. The government effectively lied to enhance public cooperation for their lockdown strategy. That's manipulation - not representation.

3. The conversation on total costs and optimum health responses was ignored. Mental health issues, a badly damaged economy (which funds our health system), and quality of life and length of life issues, were all ignored as though Covid is the only principal concern. This is irrational and not standard practice for any health investment.

4. The initial mass-lockdown response was motivated by Neil Fergusson's models which are proven to be wrong. Neil Ferguson had a history of creating bad models that predicted mass disasters that never eventuated. 

5. The most powerful defence against Covid or any other virus is the general health of the populace, and immune health specifically. There was no education programme or direct investment to encourage, and facilitate, people to have more time for sunshine and exercise, stress control, and other. This made no sense.

6. Educated critics of the governments health response have been ignored, threatened and suppressed. This includes people with every imaginable credential. Note also, effective alternative medications, such as Ivermectin, have been omitted from the public conversation or government consideration.

7. Collecting data on Covid has been more political than scientific. People who died with Covid were recorded as having died from Covid, even for where the co-morbidities were overwhelmingly causative. 

The PCR tests were long known to deliver false positives, even over 90%, yet were still used to inflate apparent Covid case numbers. Government authorities have only recently admitted this.

8. Vaccines that are currently available are based on highly novel mRNA technology, and have had no long-term testing in humans. This is why the vaccines are classed as experimental. The long-term effects of mRNA vaccines are not known, and of course can't be known for some years to come. Animal trials on mRNA vaccines have previously led to serious damage and death in the animals. 

9. Informed consent (a prior condition of any experimental treatment) has been ignored over aggressive and one-sided marketing, and fear mongering. People have been encouraged to get the jab as soon as possible irrespective of personal Covid risks. 

Note, whether or not the current vaccines even reduce the spread of Covid is questionable.

10. Governments world-over are beginning to use social pressure to drive mass-vaccination. People have been 'officially' demonised for questioning the vaccines. People who refuse the vaccines have often been degraded as ignorant, irresponsible and selfish, and typically described as anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist. 

11. Existing statistics indicate clearly that covid-19 is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, the latter of which kills about 500 New Zealanders every year. Covid in New Zealand has so far killed 26 people (with co-morbidities).

12. There is no clear evidence that masks work to suppress the transmission of Covid. (The airborne virus is miniscule compared to the weave of the masks fabric).

-To be fair, medical experts have long admitted that the masks are basically useless in themselves. However, they do serve the function of actioning a constant reminder of the lockdown levels, which in turn stops people from letting their guard slip on other levels, such as basic hygiene and social distancing.

13. The governments insistence on periodically locking down the entire country, at massive financial, lifestyle, and health cost, as opposed to the normal pandemic response which is to only isolate the vulnerable, has never made sense.

14. The government has not promoted (or ideally made mandatory) Bluetooth apps that allow for effortless, comprehensive and reliable mass contact-tracing. 

They have not employed video-intercom apps that allow people to make an immediate call on their phones, for preliminary diagnosis of a possible infection. Early identification and early treatment essentially eliminates all notable risk (pandemic over). 

Nor has the government employed rapid saliva testing at the borders so they can be safely opened for business and tourism. 

In other words, the government has inexplicably failed to employ the obvious measures that are available to us, that can immediately remove the need for emergency status lockdowns and mass-vaccination. 

Vaccination is unreliable to the end of controlling a pandemic. Evolving variants mean we are always playing catch-up. Herd immunity is practically impossible with vaccination, alone.

15. The government tells us what they're going to do (at least just before it happens), but they do not tell us why they're going to do it. 

The thinking and modelling behind the pandemic strategy has not been transparent, so intelligent and qualified [outside] experts, and innovators, have not been able to constructively criticise and contribute to the ongoing development of government policy, in any direct manner. 

Secrecy makes sense when you're fighting a war - but not when you're fighting a pandemic. 

16. The government has previously outlawed antibody tests to see who has had Covid, and therefore who has natural immunity. Antibody tests are still not freely available in New Zealand. No one understands why.

The result, is that people are receiving experimental vaccinations who will gain nothing from them, because natural immunity is far superior to vaccination-induced immunity. This is nonsensical, like the government is more interested in pushing vaccines for their own sake, than neutralising Covid.

17. The government has promoted mRNA vaccinations as the 'great solution' that can allow New Zealand to open its borders, while mostly ignoring more effective methods of pandemic management. This is a mistake.

Unlike natural immunity, vaccines are poorly variant-tolerant. Viruses survive by mutating and continuously generating variants. Hence we are forever playing catch-up with vaccines, just like with the seasonal flu. 

It is well understood that everyone will eventually receive Covid, no matter the national vaccination levels. Vaccines, at best, will only slow the spread to the inevitable. Both Israel and Iceland have recently provided clear examples of this. These nations were heavily vaccinated yet still could not contain their Delta outbreaks.

In short, this means that if you receive a vaccine then you do it for your own protection - no one else's. Your vaccination status ultimately protects no one but yourself, at best.

In spite of this, again, the government is promoting mass-vaccination as the solution. They are even promoting vaccination as a social responsibility which, most concerning of all, is being used to promote forced-vaccination onto the public. 

This is appalling, because not only are mRNA vaccines experimental (we don't know of the medium to long term risks. Only time can inform us) but there is no ethical argument for this move. Respect that when the government can force-medicate people against their will, or back them into a corner where they have no other practical choice, we have a serious human rights issue.

...and much more.


And now the government expects me and you to accept their experimental vaccines. They can ask me again in five years time. It will take at least that long to get to the science that has been too obviously politicised by a government(s) whose credibility is now shot. 

I am not a conspiracy theorist - but my eyes are open.

Note: I will progressively add interesting and important links in the comments section.

-Andrew Atkin


Dr Peter McCullough is a world leading expert on Covid prevention. I thought this NZ-based interview was extremely interesting. I urge you to have a look.


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